Cloud Computing with Microsoft Office 365:

The Keeling Group offers cloud computing through its relationship with Microsoft to offer affordable services. Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful tool that businesses can use to manage numerous everyday functions. With Office 365, clients get enterprise-grade email and calendars on the go, tile sharing ability, online conferencing and other IT services. The system is easy to install and use and provides virtually anywhere access to Office tools via select mobile devices.

Computing with Windows Azure:

The Keeling Group has positioned itself to become a leader in offering infrastructure services to customers through Windows Azure. While many other cloud companies simply offer servers in remote facilities and ways to connect to those servers (known as rack hosting), Microsoft has been able to build an infrastructure that allows businesses to utilize only the services that the company will need to consume . Rather than build an entire server infrastructure to handle a web application, for example, a client can create a web role for that application and install it in the cloud so that it can be accessed in production. The result therefore is a fast, reliable application that runs on an industrial strength backend infrastructure but requires much less cost to the customer because the customer is only charged for the processing power utilized. As a result, smaller companies can enjoy the same kind of flexibility and processing power that a typical state of the art data center might offer to a large company without the cost of maintaining and operating that type of infrastructure. This immediately makes a small company more dynamic and more competitive in a market where the cost­effectiveness and reliability of an IT infrastructure is critical